More user friendly support for ICQ, AOL, Yahoo chat, Facebook chat

We want to develop more user friendly support for ICQ, AOL, Yahoo chat, Facebook chat etc, let us know how to do that.

The same request.

I hope you do as it stands now the praised “Instant message with all major chat clients” functionality is cumbersome. Trying to find instructions on how this feature is supposed to be setup and actually function is vague if not missing.

“Chat with all your friends from most instant messaging clients and Facebook through Em Client!” Really?

Agreed. I wasted almost whole day trying to get it going. It was my expectation to find support for ICQ directly. However, I tried to make it work through jabber transport as adviced. No luck there. I have few more issues with the app, but I like it anyway. Hope it will get better to allow me to have only one communication program running.

Thanks for trying.

nejde facebook, ako sa spušťa na eM Client? Pls

Jako univerzální komunikační program není eM client ta správná volba. Koupil jsem ho a teď už vím, že to byla chyba. Problém s Facebookem a ICQ přes transporty se mi nepodařilo vyřešit a nejsem úplný amatér. Podpora se ani nesnaží dořešit problém s aktivací. Mrkněte sem:…

Doporučuji nový Trillian, který umí pracovat s POP3 a IMAP, přestože to není plnohodnotný emailový klient.

eM client zklamal a naučil mě být více nedůvěřivý.

Facebook and all other IM (except Google/Gtalk, because it already a Jabber transport) requires to use a Jabber transport server. There’re lots Jabber server for free. I would recommended or…