More than Two Licenses?

How do I manage my account. I keep getting a message that says I can only have two licenses. I’m using em client on my desktop and my laptop. Don’t know why em client thinks I have more than two licenses.

I am not sure what message are you getting because in our license system you have only one free license (which has two accounts limitation).

When you are attempting to use one eM Client license on multiple computers you are asked to reactivate the product so maybe this is the case. Each license is unique and linked to one computer - you will have to register another Free license.

Ahh I just purchased on the idea I could have 1 license but have it installed on my work desktop and laptop. That will learn me for not dotting t’s and crossing i’s…

I hope that eMClient will think it will be a good solution to allow one licence on two computers. Many people have a computer at office and use a laptop at home or when travelling.