More standard export options

Are there plans for adding more email export options (apart from eml export) or creating some export tools ?

To be honest I am worried to have my data locked with eMclient, because in case needed exporting few GB of emails from dozens of folders to thousands of unorganized eml files is no option.

Currently I am still testing eMClient together with Thunderbird (using it with google aps email) and am bit worried to lock my email with propriate email storage.
Should there be such a tool or option within eMclient I would not hesitate to purchase full license.

This is really the only thing preventing me to commit to eMClient.


If you use eM Client’s export option, your messages will be exported keeping the folder structure from eM Client, and individual files will be named using the date and subject. Hardly unorganized.

Another point is that, by default, eM Client stores your messages on the email provider’s server, so it does not matter which email client you use, there is no import/export necessary, :wink:

yes, but
I want to archive my messages locally away from my provider server

thank you for clarifying how export process works, I didn’t even try it
and I still want more options

Thanks :smiley:

I got the license, hopefully I will never need the export option at all :slight_smile:

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eM Client’s Automatic Archiving does just that. It will automatically move messages based on age, and store them in eM Client’s Local Folders. These are not synced with your server.

If you want to export them, just use Menu > File > Export, then you can export the whole Archive folder structure with the messages, into eml files. Most other email application can read those files directly.

Hi Gary,

you are doing great