More language?

 I ask here now times in English, but my concern is also for other languages​​. 
How does it look like when you here more international visitors to the forum would be made available with the language. 
What do you think of this proposal? 
My suggestion would be to create a separate area for German, French and so on. 
Would appreciate positive feedback. 
I wanted to say, I’m from Germany.
D. B. 

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, however community support is only available in english, if you purchase the PRO license, you are entitled to use the PRO support line, where you can use other languages including german and french. We’re currently not considering adding multi-language support to our free support.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi, is in spanish this software (free license)?

Best regards,

Marcelo C.

Hello, yes eM client is available in Spanish, you can download the trial and see all the available translations in Tools > Settings > General > Language.


Can i get/translate the client to Danish language (PRO)

Regards Lean