More Hotmail issues now I can send, but can't receive

…and why is em client working with my virgin media account but not hotmail?

I can send and receive usng my hotmail account from;

  • My Ipad using Apple Mail
  • My Ipad using Outlook
  • From web based Outlook
  • From Thunderbird using Outlook account

I am thinking this is an EMC problem for sure. Why can I send & receive from Thunderbird and not EMC?

Because there is nothing wrong with eM Client. The issue is with the Hotmail server.

So Gary, how do I put it right… Rack your brains… ?

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Same problem here for some times now. I thought I was alone… I tried the workaround and it didn’t help at all… Sure hotmail is crap, but when it’s one’s business address mail, you can’t easily change it for another one…
Please eM Client, find a solution, we all want to stick with you… But to do so we need to be able to use your software as it was in the past

You can of course ask your email provider to fix their server. We can’t do that as we aren’t Microsoft.

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Not a very good answer at all Gary.

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ich habe das Problem seit einigen Wochen.nichts geht von meiner raus. Ich wollte geschäftlich auf das Programm umstellen, weil die Adressverwaltung gut ist, Serienbriefe mit Übersetzungsprogramm. Leider habe ich schon zu viele Adressen von unseren Kunden eingegeben.
Wie bekomme ich sie wieder in mein alter outlook importiert ? dann kann ich wenigstens weiter arbeiten. So ist es nicht tragbar.
Beste Grüße

Gary, we use several different e-mail programs on several different devices to access our Hotmail account and every one of them work just fine. We try to use our EM client this morning (worked just fine last night) on our desk computer and “ZIP” nothing but issues again. So why is it a Microsoft issue when all other email programs on all of our other devices are working just fine? Doesn’t that seem a little odd to you or anyone else there?

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Gary - you miss the point - it may well be a microsoft setting/problem but you EMC seems to be unique in that you are the only mail program with the problem - like others i have tried other programs and all work with hotmail

throwing it back to microsoft is not helpful - i use a free license so you can argue its ‘tough’ i doubt those that have paid for a pro license are happy with you

you need to solve this - i doubt microsoft will - if you dont then other mail programs will gain from your ‘problem’


So here’s what I’ve found so far. At this point most of us have used the registry correction “useoldoutlookcomflow” which allowed us to send our e-mails last month and that is still working. But now we can still send but not receive. So I removed the previous work-around and installed the registry correction “removeoldoutlookcomflow” and suddenly my e-mails were flowing in but now I can’t send anything again. So the issue is in the “useoldoutlookcomflow”. Any new work-around for this Gary?

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So I’ve got it up and running again, I’ll explain what I’ve done. First thing is to be sure you’ve got the registry addition installed “useoldoutlookcomflow” if you don’t have that done then go to the link I’ve put in at the bottom of this message and follow his instructions up to the point of removing permission in your hotmail (etc) account then go no further there, come back here and follow what I put here after this.

In EMC Go to “accounts” and select your e-mail account you have problems with. Remove the account then select “add account”. Scroll down and select “Mail” then select “other” then next, type in your e-mail address then “next”. Be sure that imap is selected then put in your server settings (, put in your account password under your e-mail address and click “next”, be sure the setting for smtp is changed to “” and leave everything below untouched then click “next”. The next thing it does is test your server connections, the first one to go green check mark will be your imap but the smtp will spin for awhile, don’t touch it. It will eventually say “server not responding”, click on “fix” then wait again. It will eventually pop up with “server ‘’ requires authentication, Do you want to send your credentials?” Click on yes but don’t check the box to the right. It will try again and will finally show the green check mark on “settings have been fixed”. Then click on “save & Close”. Give it a try everyone, it worked for me!

Here is the link for installing “useoldoutlookcomflow”. Cannot send emails for accounts - Authentication aborted - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software

I’ve been having this problem. I’ve found that recreating my account as Exchange has solved my problem, using the instructions here Why is my Outlook/Hotmail/MSN/Live account not synchronizing or really slow? - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software

Well it looks like it is fixed!!! I did nothing to my computer and the error has gone. Sent a test email to myself and it shows in the “Sent” and it arrived in the “Inbox”.

Let’s hope this is the end of these situations!

These issues have been going on for weeks now with Hotmails Robbo, I went through some steps at one stage as recommended by Gary a eM Client team leader, I ran a patch and re set some outlook things and it worked fine for a week or so, now it’s back to doing the same thing for me, will receive in coming through Hotmail but won’t send out and just stays in the outbox. my gmail through eM client works perfectly as it does for our other users, It’s nice when things work and I’m glad I’m not using a paid version

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Life is good … Hotmail to Gmail OK, sent and received and shown as such in eM Client, Gmail to Hotmail OK, sent and received and shown as such in eM Client … nice to exchange thoughts here, thanks to all.

You’re easily satisfied.

Hotmail still broken here. I’m not going to do the registry hack.

Gary’s role in the forums is to defend eM Client, even if it means deflecting and gaslighting.


Whoop whoop… Mine also appears fine and fixed. I hope this was a combination of good, sound input from the forum members and brain storming from the techno team. A sort of combined effort. Either way, I’m chuffed.

I’ve been going round in circles for a while now trying all the recommended fixes (mine is a Hotmail account), and tweaking settings, but in my case I can send and receive, but every email appears twice in ‘Sent’ mail. I’ve run the reg fix to put in and take out the outlookflow com to no avail.

I’ve installed another email client and it works with no problems to Hotmail straight out of the box. I think EMC is a superior client and don’t really want to move, but I can’t continue for much longer deleting every other email in the sent folder.

There used to be a setting to ‘not save messages in the sent folder’ and I was told that when I set EMC account up again, it will be there, but no matter what I’ve done, it’s not - and selfishly, that would cure my problem at least.

As an aside to this, my wife is using EMC on the same PC, and she has no problems, but she’s on

I’m at a loss as to what else I can do now. I’ve wondered about installing an earlier version of EMC. Anyone have any thoughts on that?