More events per day in Month view

Month view needs a more compact option so that it displays more events per day. It’s impossible to plan when I cannot see most of the upcoming events in the future weeks. For comparison, em client shows me 3 entries per day (including the ‘x more’ notification). On the same 14" screen, Google Calendar shows me 5 per day.
Screenshot 2024-05-13 102658

See @Gary post below on that topic.

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That’s so awesome–thanks! Makes a huge difference going to 4 weeks and seeing 5 entries per day. May not seem like much, but that is 100% more events per day.

While this greatly mitigates the problem, I still have the request b/c they can still use the space more efficiently and display more events per day.

Weird this isn’t an option in the settings window… Thanks again!