More Comprehensive Spell Checker / Dictionary

I find myself composing outside of eM Client, because of eM Client’s inadequate spell checker when compared to, for example MS Word.

Granted, I’m a horrible speller which is part of the problem – me not getting close enough to find the word. But I’ve also run across many words that are spelled correctly, but are not in eM Client’s dictionary. I have neither problem, when using MS Word however.

If there is anything in the queue to enhance the spell checker that would be great.

domingo 09 junio 2024 :: 0820hrs (UTC -0500)

Make certain that you have the correct dictionary selected and then when you find an unlisted word you can add personally selected words to your dictionary by using “Right Click” on any word then “Add to Dictionary”.

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Thanks for the suggestions skybat,

My spouse and I have been pro users for several years. But never delved into the spell checker options. I never did dig into Outlook’s spell checker options, it just seemed to work. So, I erringly did the same when I began using eM Client – my fault!

If the default spell checker was “application language”. I changed that to “English United States”. I see if that’s more to my liking.