Month View Request

Using the month you, if I scroll back a couple months, it will display something like July 15th-August 18th. I am not able to see the full month at once. Can I start from day 1 and end at the end of the month?

Thunderbird displays the full month. How can I configure EM CLIENT to do that?

Might be to do with the Calendar setting enabled eg: “Go to Today every time calendar is opened” enabled via eM Client Settings. So if you have that enabled, “try de-selecting that” and save settings.

However “if you don’t have that above option enabled” in eM Client Settings, then try doing the below which did fix that issue for me when i had that problem previously.

Click “Day” view, then click “Week” view and then click “Month” view. Then click the arrows "back and forwards “at the top left a few months” “till you only get the single month name appear” like in the below example.


Then “once you get the single month appear”, close eM Client and reopen it and “you shouldn’t then get the eg: July 15 - August 18 displaying” in Month view, and instead see the correct full month 1-30/31 days in calendar. eM Client will then normally automatically remember that in the future.

Apart from that might be something in the Calendar settings page, or your version of eM Client. This is what i have set in my Calendar settings. Mac example Calendar settings below using V9.2.2144.

Lastly if you still cannot get it working, “might then be your current eM Client version”. So we would then need to know what version of eM Client you have and if you are using Windows or Mac.

As @cyberzork says, use the arrow keys to scroll full months.