Month name does not update in month view

When I switch to month view, the only way to know which month I am viewing is by looking at the top month label. But that label remains static. If I scroll the month to the next month, it still shows the old month’s name. Is that a bug in my installation or have you not implemented it to update the month label in the context of the first week row visible? This does not happen in any other calendar app like Outlook, Google Calendar, etc. The main month title needs to be updated. For the month of December, it still shows September. This is wrong information

Thank you for reporting this. I believe it is a bug in 9.2.2144 Mac version of eM Client.

Using Mac eM Client V 9.2.2144 and a Gmail and Outlook Calendar, the Calendar Month name is shown correctly at the top when i click the arrows around as in the same September month.

@sameer are you running the same eM Client version ? If you are, then you might have a default settings maybe not right in your Calendar in “eM Client / Preferences / Calendar”.

(Gmail Calendar Example)

(eM Client Mac Calendar settings i use)