Month by month toggle is awkward - no exact month view

The month view is awkward. I want to select July, but it instead only lets me toggle prev/next to the next 30 day period. So instead of clicking forward to July, I get “June 28 - August 08” which is really frustrating.

I have already added to the problem count, but would say that this is the annoyance that would make me V,V happy if it were changed

No kidding. Scrolling through the months is making me sea sick trying to figure out when a month starts. Really hoping this one gets fixed.

I totally agree…the current ‘month’ view is more like a ‘continuous’ view showing 5 weeks.

A month view should show day 1-31 (max), with day 1 always starting in the first row.

A few days before day 1 and after day 31 can be shown, but should be shown in a light gray color or so…the ‘real’ days of the selected month should be shown with a white back ground color.

Hi, this is not issue, but by design to save and use unused space. For me in “Month view” months are jumping one by one and are highlited by light gray - to - pink colour so it is clearly visible when month starts and when ends.


See below screen shot of an example of a month view on my screen: I started with ‘January 2014’ as description and after clicking 3 times on the [arrow right] button on the screen next to the description of the shown period, the period ‘17 March - 20 April’ is shown.

I would expect to see the month ‘April’ (which is 3 months away from January).

Also I can not easily see a difference in background colors of the days in the selected month, unless I move my head down to the level of my shoulders (in an angle of 90 degrees). This is probably related to my viewing angle.

I don’t understand this is how it is supposed and designed to work, it is clearly not issue and we will not change it.

And from your screenshot I see perfectly which month is active and what day is selected. It is same on both my monitors (zr24w and z24i both IPS panels with 178 vertical/horizontal viewing angles).

I understand that it is not how other email clients works but so far this is all by design and there is really not reason to change it.


I can also quite easily see the blue selected day.

With ‘viewing angle’ I meant the angle of my eyes compared to my monitor: if I look from my normal sitting position to the screen, I do not see well the difference in the white and grey background colors of the days.

If I move my head lower and look then at my monitor, I do see the difference in colors.

Best solution related to the colors would be to make them adjustable by the end-user.

Look at my month view: which complete month is shown? Not March and not April…so how can you call it a ‘month’ view?

‘really no reason to change it’…maybe comments like of us 4 people above can be motivations to change it? Take into account that not everyone who does not like a certain feature will spend time writing about it.

For me, it’s not a big problem, but I do agree with the previous comments. The gray shading could be a little darker, and maybe making the first of the month date a bold font to make it more distinct would help pick out the start of each month. I usually use the scroll wheel on my mouse to scroll ahead, and appreciate the continuous 5 week display. Maybe as a compromise the arrows could move to the start of the next month, but leave the 5 week continuous display as it is.

New information available here:…

I can’t believe that anyone would do this “by design.” Don’t get me wrong, I salute the em design team and I think this app is easily one of the best on my computer. It’s great. I sing it’s praises. But sometimes all the other email and calendar programs do the same thing …for a reason. Because it makes sense. Because, in recent times, when 99% of humans look at something called a calendar they flip one month at a time. It is very disorientating to view it in 4-5 week segments. It’s difficult to see the beginning of the month and I get lost what month I’m in…because, silly me, I just assume that when I navigate to March that only March would show. I don’t doubt that some will find it useful to have the view the way it is…But I think there should at least be an option in preferences to have it be a “traditional” view. And I’m sure many others would feel the same if asked.

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Calendar month view incorrect in Version 6.

I am using eM Client 6.0 and always display my calendars in the month view. Initially it starts correctly, for example the title of the calendar panel is January 2014. If you then try to scroll forward using the arrow in the title to the next month you would expect February 2014 but instead you get 3 February - 9 March. Scroll forward again and you get 10 March - 13 April. It is getting further and further out of the month sync. If you then scroll backwards you get 3 march - 6 April, then February 2014 ( hooray), then 23 December 2013 - 26 January 2014.

What I would expect is January 2014 with the 1st of January somewhere in the top row of the calendar. Then February 2014, again with the 1st of the month somewhere on the top row. This should be the case no matter how many times I scroll forward or backward.

I have just noticed that if I set the number of calendar rows to display to be 6 then it seems to behave as expected, but if I set it to 5 then no joy.

I think that this used to work in Version 5 with just 5 rows displayed.

In upcoming release will be released update to month view, it will be possible to use arrows to switch between months so they will be seen at once all the time.

Using scroll wheel on mouse should keep set week numbers so sometimes not whole month will be shown sometimes more than one month will be shown - depends on how much rows user will want to have shown.


Jan, that’s excellent news. Thanks for listening.

you are welcome.


I spoke too soon. Looking at this again, I notice that whenever I scroll through the months using the arrows, it changes my number of weeks displayed to 5, and also my entry on the settings page. This is not good. It correctly scrolls to the beginning of the next month, but should not change the desired display setting. I am using build 6.0.19825, sent to me to investigate a different problem.

Idea was to change number of weeks to reflect month length and starting day. So buttons will work like this, if you do not want to have your weeks number changed they use mouse scroll wheel.


OK, well, it’s not a big problem. I will just leave my display on 5 weeks and it won’t affect me. But it seems weird to have the program automatically changing a manually entered setting. That is very unexpected behavior.

I am using the latest update to Version 6 just released and the month by month calendar view seems to be working pretty well. If you scroll through the months using the left/right arrows the number of rows change to match the number needed to display the whole month. So - for example Feb 2014 has 5 rows, March has 6, April has 5 again. If you then scroll through the weeks using the vertical scroll bar the number of rows shown stay with the month view that was scrolled away from. If you then change back to a whole month view by using the left/right arrows it again good back to using the number of rows necessary for a whole month.

This seems pretty good to me, I cannot think of a better visual solution. - thank you for resolving the issue.

you are welcome :slight_smile: