Modifying the order of the rules list.

At last count I have 54 rules in my list.  I’m finding that moving rules within the list to establish the order in which they are acted upon is a bit on the hard side.
One suggestion that would help is one I’ve already made and that was to add a move button that would move a rule to the top or bottom of the list.  If the desired position is nearer the top of the list, only being able to only move one step at a time is very time consuming and annoying.

To make matters worse, if the list exceeds the length of the page (in my case) and you create a new rule, but want to move it up a few spaces, when you click on the Move Up button, the page jumps up to where you are no longer able to see the bottom of the list, so you are moving blind.
You have to move a few spaces then reposition to the bottom to see where you’re at and repeat several times until you reach the desired position.  I know you could count how far it needs to be moved, then count the number of times that you hit the Up button . . . not me.

Hi John, rules are not assigned a sorting order, it doesn’t really matter if the rule is on the top of the list or at the bottom.
Please read my answer under another topic of yours and please don’t create duplicate questions.

Thank you for understanding,