Modify Options When Editing Recurring Meetings From The Alert Window

When eM Client alerts me to a scheduled meeting I occasionally find it necessary to change the start time for that particular meeting. Most times this isn’t an issue however when the time for a scheduled recurring meeting is changed then the start time for all meetings in the series are also changed - the user is not presented with a prompt allowing selection a change to that specific meeting or to all meetings in the series.

The issue may be replicated as follows;

When alerted to a recurring meeting, edit the meeting from the Alerts dialogue window (double click on the meeting alert or select the meeting then press the “Open” button). As the Meeting dialogue window opens, notice the absence of the option to “Open The Series” or “Open This Occurrence”. Once the meeting dialogue window opens change the meeting start time then save the record. Now go to your Calendar and note the start time for each of the recurring meetings. You’ll notice the start time for each meeting in the series has changed to the time that was entered for the meeting you were alerted to. This behaviour may be acceptable in some situations however for me I find it frustrating.

I understand omission of the ability to select between “The Series” or “The Occurrence” when the meeting is opened for editing is by design however I feel it would be beneficial to allow users to select which option they prefer rather than forcing a default setting of editing all meetings in the recurring series.

Do you agree?