Modify a received email

I have received an email into my Inbox.  I would like to modify the contents of the email without changing the heading, date received, sender, etc.  How do I do that?

Save the message by right-click on the message body and choose Save As. This will save the message as an .eml file. You can then edit that file with your favorite text editor. Finally, you can import the edited .eml file back into eM Client using Menu > File > Import, and then delete the original.

Messages can be dragged to Windows Explorer rather than Save As, and can also be dragged back into eM Client rather than Import.

When you come to edit the .eml file you will see that an HTML message has two sections: text/plain and text/html. The same content will appear in both sections, just the HTML section will have the formatting. If you want to change the body text, you need to change it exactly the same in both sections. Otherwise viewing the message as plain text will give different content to viewing it as HTML. If you are going to change any formatting, you will need to be able to manually code HTML. Text editors like Notepad++ can really help with HTML tags.

If a message is digitally signed, you cannot edit it without the message displaying a notification that it was altered.

First off, let me say thank you very much for the reply.

Now … what a bunch o’ crap.
I’m not interested in making a carrier of changing/adding some contents to an email.
I can forward the email to myself and make the changes a whole lot easier.
I just loose the from/to information is my list of emails … that’s important to me.

Thanks again
Brian Waldron

I am a little confused. You initially asked how to modify the contents of an email without changing the header. This is not a normal function of an email client. In fact it may even be considered somewhat nefarious, but I nevertheless explained how to do that. Now you are saying you are not interested in doing that. Can you maybe explain specifically what you want to change in an email? 

If you think it is a bunch of crap, please explain how you would do it. You cannot reject a working solution unless you have an alternative.

Thanks again for your help.
I’m just going to forget the whole thing right now.

Brian Waldron

This is normal function in email client - is available in Eudora for example. Very old email client, discontinued, but still having lot of functions that are missing in eM Client. Including tabbed interface available years ago, automatically detach attachments and possibility to manual edit authorization method like in almost all email clients, except eM Client.

Why is that function (edit emails) needed? First - because is rare (and this may be good reason to implement it and be happy that “only eM Client have that”). But seriously - because people forgot important informations sometimes in their emails (phone numbers for example) or made bugs in orders (and want to correct that during phone call). So edit received email is very useful in company emails when someone works with many customers.

I would also like this feature! I have been using Outlook for years and used this often, I don’t want to have to import and export an email to change its contents, exactly as op said - sometimes we require adjustments to emails that we’ve received or sent to fix or update information. This is a must-have. Thanks.