modified "Dark" theme

I prefer having as much of the screen follow the “Dark” theme as possible vs. all the white and other colours in the stock version I edited it.

Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to fix the “compose” window to follow this theme, but maybe someone will help me figure that out one day!

theme available at this link


Thanks Dave. I was hoping you would post your theme.

When you have it just right, consider adding a thumbnail so it looks pretty in the list.

Courtesy of Shanna:

You can add a thumbnail to a theme by taking a screenshot, using the top left portion, and reducing it to 80x80. Save it as a 24-bit PNG. Run it through, then encode it as base 64 data using this link

Then take only the data portion (after the comma) and put it into the 

base64 data here 

tag at the bottom of the theme file.

This is quoted from

thanks for the tip - I’ll update it when I get a chance - cheers