Mobile app copy to folder & move to folder Recent list edit option

It would be great to have a way to edit the Android / iOS move to folder and copy to folder recent list.

I sometimes get an email from a sender that i might only hear from once every eg: 5 -10 years or more, or i might get an email from a sender i will never hear from again and is a one off, so when i press the move to folder or copy to folder the mobile app allways adds that folder to the top of the Recent list which i dont want on the list.

Now i can get around this problem with my Gmail account by editing the message tag and changing the label so i then dont have to use the copy to folder or move to folder options.

But for all my non Gmail IMAP accounts i carnt do that. The only way i can copy or move them to folders without adding to the recent list in the mobile app, is to use eM Client for desktop by dragging those messages directly to the folder / folders.

So be good to have in the mobile app settings a eg: “Edit recent folders” option to delete folders or labels of the recent list that are not regular senders.

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