mixed font size

eM Client v.6.0.24316.0

When I edit a message I’m composing using cut and paste in the message body, the entire message leaves in 22 font Tahoma but it arrives at the recipient in mixed font sizes Tahoma [12 and 22 font].  I see it this way when they respond.

Why is this happening?

Thank you.

do you see it this way even in the ‘Sent’ folder?
Do you send your messages as HTML or Plain text format?


Yes I see it in the sent folder.

I send messages as HTML.

Please keep in mind this only happens when I cut and paste.  I used to have a colour background but went back to plain background because my cut/copy past was picking up the back ground colour as well as the text which didn’t match the outgoing email.  

Do you cut and paste this from different program? Have you tried removign the format from the pasted text before formatting it in your own way?


Normally what I do when editing my own email before sending it out is to cut sections out and paste in a different location in the same email  When I paste I choose ctrl-v or right mouse paste, if I’m copying or cutting from an other source with different formatting I choose paste as text…but this wasn’t the case.

There are three of us using eM Client and we’ve all seen this problem, from v6 through until the latest version (7.0.27943.0). It’s significant enough that one person (our sales guy) has stopped using eM Client completely, since there’s no way to know how fonts in an email will appear to the recipient and can reflect badly on us as a company.

Problem: When composing an HTML email, the text all looks completely uniform in size. Sometimes however (when cut’n’paste from another app is involved?), the email gets sent out with some parts of the text being in different sizes (and I think I’ve even seen different colours). There is NO WAY to tell there is anything untoward happening however since during the creation of the email everything looks fine. Even after the email is sent, it appears perfectly fine in the “sent” folder. Logging in to GMail and viewing it in the “sent” folder there however shows the mismatched font sizes, as does the recipient when viewing it in Outlook.

It’s not hard to replicate this problem, just start writing a simple HTML email (I’m using a GMail account, not sure if that’s relevant). Now cut’n’paste various bits of text into the email from other apps (both text editors/console windows and apps with formatting (web browsers etc). If you paste in formatted text, try deleting that then using CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste it back in without formatting, etc. Type in some more email text, edit some of the existing text etc. It’s very likely that once you send the email, what the recipient receives will look different to what you think you sent them.

After a very quick bit of investigation, it looks like the issue might be with 3rd party mail clients not being able to recognise the initial font style in eM Client’s email’s header and so they default to a different size/style. The cut’n’paste ends up wrapping some of the email’s text with eg … blocks, which DOES get rendered correctly, but results in a mismatch between the body text that hasn’t been wrapped in such a fashion?

This may also explain why sometimes even very simple emails render entirely in a smaller font size to the recipient than it appeared while composing it in eM Client (which I guess happens when there are no <span…> tags inserted anywhere, so the whole body is rendered at the incorrect size).

Please let me know if you need any more information or are having trouble reproducing the problem. Note that it’s a pretty serious issue for us.</span…>

Is anyone at eM Client able to reproduce this problem? It seems like a serious bug.

I was going to buy EM Client and now will not. I have this issue and it makes ME look sloppy when responding to clients. A serious flaw that precludes any corporation from using this product.

The sad thing is that if it were fixed it would make the product far more usable.

Agreed, and as far as I’m concerned it basically makes eMClient unsuitable for work use. We were quite shocked when we first saw the problem (the problem isn’t usually apparent within eMClient itself, only from other clients like GMail, so took us a long time to notice). I felt a bit sick when I realised how unprofessional a lot of our emails sent to clients looked without us realising.

The most worrying thing is that this seems to have been a problem for years, and is still a problem in the latest 7.1 version, yet it has barely even been acknowledged as a bug. I’ve found a few more posts with information on the same topic:


What it comes down to is this: when composing an email in eMClient, the preview must look the same as the recipient will end up seeing in other client apps like GMail, Outlook etc. Currently the font sizes can end up wildly different, which I consider to be a huge problem. Can anyone from eMClient please comment?