Missing years of sent mails

:dizzy_face: i just wanted to check out some mails I sent years ago. I have never deleted any sent mails in the past never. What I answer is important and want it forever. Well … all gone. I only have now mails sent from August 2021 onwards. All my others mails are gone. Not in the windows em program not in the server (IONOS) I called them and they tell me they don’t erase anything.
I think em might be responsible at this disappearance. I see I am not the only one with this problem.
Version 8.1.979 licensed version. Huge problem and I have to say I lost all the confidence in this software.

Very frustrated about this :pensive:

Are you using POP3 or IMAP?

Hello IMAP. Ionos IT support told me to check if any of my devices has POP as this would download those messages on the device . I am not ware of any one that is on POP but again even if it would be so all the messages sent and received would download on that device and not only the sent ones that are the ones that disappeared from august onwards.

I use IONOS POP3 … can you think of any unusual events that may have occurred around that Aug. 2021 date?

The version of eMC you are running is somewhat ‘old’ and probably should be updated.

Any chance you have an eMC backup (Menu > Backup) taken prior to the moment you realized the SENT emails had gone missing?

Are there any other devices that have access to the IONOS email account?

No I didn’t use the backup feature. I have activated it now so something like this does not happen again. I though I was safe having in on Ionos server if I didn’t delete. I was wrong. I remember that I installed a EM version on my laptop but then I lost the pro license on my main computer I did want the free version on my laptop and my paid version on my computer but somehow that didn’t work. I finally lost patience trying and uninstalled it from my laptop so ut didn’t get “confused” with paid and non paid version and kept the mail program that comes with win 10. Maybe at that process of installation and uninstallation something happen. But as all messages are at the server level I thought something like this could never happen if the computer program had a problem or a glitch. Or maybe Ionos did something. Who knows. But those mails seem gone now :man_facepalming:

If some device deleted (accidentally), the sent messages, any device, then they would be deleted from the server. That’s how IMAP works. It Syncs, meaning that deletions propagate throughout the system. So, most likely, someone on some device, deleted from the sent folder. It might have even been a phone email program making room on the phone.

Besides backup, which I strongly recommend including backups of the backup, I move emails out of my all inbox and all sent to local folders so any cloud screwup won’t affect them. I also multiple backup.

I also move confirmations and any other important files like receipts to local folders.

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Yes Thank you I will do the backup and see if it is possible that sent messages can go to a local folder too . Learned the hard way this IMAP thing is not reliable at all.