Missing "Wrap text around image" and proper table functionality

One of the biggest disadvantages over Thunderbird, Outlook and other EMail clients is that eM Client does not allow to float text around images in HTML emails. Very often, we send emails e.g. with instructions which require thumbnail screenshots or logos. Currently, the text cannot be wrapped around these images, which makes emails look very odd. For that reason the client is actually unsuable for sending out nicely formatted emails with embedded graphics.

Unfortunately creating a HTML table is also no option, as the  capabilities of eM Client to define a table are very poor too (e.g. we cannot define a table’s column width in pixels or percent, only the width of the overall table, so we can’t e.g. make the left column 200px wide and the let the second column take up the residual width of the email’s window by defining an overall table width of 100%).

I would really wish eM Client would take the really basic functionality of HTML with regards to images and tables more serious!

Hi Jan, unfortunately some of these options are not available in eM Client, while composing the message using the standard options. However you can also compose HTML emails using the applications. To use more options while formatting your message, use the HTML code and insert it using the “Insert > HTML” option.

We’ll consider adding some of the remaining options into future releases of eM Client.

Thank you,

Hi Jan,

Another option is to use a screen capture program like SnagIt, and add text to the screen shots in that program.

Then you can add those screen shots (with text) as an image to your e-mail.