Missing Windows Live Feature

Is Emclient FULLY compatable with Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit?
I have noticed one thing I liked to do in the default Live mail program that comes
on the Windows 7 cd I now c’ant do in Emclient it is Grayed out.


yes it is fully compatible with both 32bit/64bit Windows 7 versions,

as for that 2nd question I don’t fully understand your problem - you can’t turn on eM Client right?

with regards

When on ANY Web page if you press “ALT” on the keyboard and looking at the top left of your screen you will see that “File- Edit- Favorites-View-Tools-Help” have become available.If you click on File a drop down menu is shown with many choices.

Now if you click on “SEND” you have more choices,one being “Page By Email”
and it is Grayed out.It should NOT be grayed out.
If it was Not Grayed out you would be able to send (Email) the Web page that you are on to wherever you want as Emclient would automatelly startup and email the page to the address that you typed in.
In Windows Live Mail it is Not grayed and one can send (email) the page anywhere.

It has to be Emclient that makes it “Grayed Out” I would really appreciate if the Programmers could correct this fault so I could use Emclient to Email myself any
Web page I wanted to.Correcting this fault would also make it Fully compatable
with Windows.

Hope this helps the understanding of the problem.