Missing unread emails; Not hitting my inbox

I am managing only 1 Gmail account. I have been using em clients for 8 months. Now I am missing unread emails. They are not going into my inbox. They seem to be getting stuck in the unread folder. When I look there and read them, they disappear. They don’t go into the inbox. I haven’t moved them, they just disappear. This is costing me credibility. Any ideas how to remedy this?

Well, the Unread folder is just a filter of emails in your Inbox and it’s sub-folders that are unread, so the emails must be there somewhere. Once they are read they no longer appear in Unread folder (hence the name of the folder)

Click the small down arrows next to each folder to see what is hidden. In this example there are two unread emails showing in Unread. From the expanded folders we can see where they are.

If Local folders aren’t visible select to show them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General