Missing Text and Quoted Reply

I received a message today that was a reply to an earlier message. My original message (quoted text) was not shown, and the last several lines of the new message were also missing. The new message was sent from a Mac. I am using gmail with eM version 4.0.15145, on Windows Vista. The message was displayed correctly on gmail’s web interface as well as on other mail clients. Is this a known problem? If so, what triggers this condition? Planned fix?


could you please send me the problematic message saved in .eml format? Just right click on it and choose Save as… Then send it directly to me (wilson@emclient.com) with reference to this topic. Thank you.

email sent. Thanks.


Something similar happened to me on 27 June. I replied an email and all trace of earlier correspondence in the same thread disappeared…my first email and the two replies on 25 June. The only email left was the last email I wrote in reply. I really really hope Gmail will be able to help me recover those lost emails as they are important to me. This happened on my android device.