Missing sender information after Outlook import


I am a new eM Client user and I have a problem with email imported from an Outlook data (pst) file. I have a good amount of email (1800+ messages) stored in various local sub-folders in Outlook. When I import this Outlook data into eM Client (ver. 6.0.19861.0) the import completes successfully and I can view the imported email. However, the sender information is removed (stripped) from each message. I have tried the “Import whole account” option and the “Import selected PST data file” option. I am using Outlook 2010 running on Windows 7. Is this a known issue and is there a solution or workaround to restore/import the sender information for each message?

Please excuse me if this question has been asked. I searched the forum and didn’t find a similar question or problem. Thank you in advance.

Jeff Holloway

Hi, can you maybe export one of the problematic messages to .eml format (you could do that by simply drag and dropping the message) and send the message file to my email ([email protected]), so we can examine it?

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Thank you for the reply. On closer inspection I see that not all messages are missing the sender information as I may have lead you to believe. I have emailed you two example messages with missing sender information and one example message with the sender information present. I have sent you the original Outlook messages and the exports from eM Client. Additionally, I also noted that there are slight differences in the message sent times.

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Hello, I seem to have the same problem - some of the sender information is missing, always if I am the sender, but not all the messages I have sent.   I am using the most recent em client and Outlook 2003, and did a full import of my outlook data

If you’re sending mail from eM Client, your sender information is detected based on your settings in Tools > Accounts > Your account > General > User information. If these are not used on any message sent using this account, please let me know.


Thanks.   Sent mail from EM Client is fine.   The problem is with the data imported from from Outlook, and only on mails sent by me - some of it has the Sender e-mail address and some is blank. 

I’m afraid this is due to the message not containing your User data in it’s header, unfortunately if this has occurred after importing from Outlook, I’m afraid there’s no option to workaround.