Missing scrollbars

Without warning or change, the scrollbar allowing scrolling in the folders section is gone…where is it…how do I get it back?

As far as I’ve seen, the scroll bar is hidden until it’s needed. That is, once I open up various folders so that the list grows long enough to require scrolling, the scroll bar shows up.

Well, thank you. My list of folders is of a length that I need a scroll bar…not showing up. Still looking.

viernes 25 junio 2021 :: 1005hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @jack_Inyart

You can change the scrollbar visibility by editing the emtheme file you are using.
To do this open the file in a text editor and search for:

“UseSystemScrollbar description=“Use system scrollbars with no automatic hiding”>False</UseSystemScrollbar”

Change entry from False to True and save.

That’s it!

Make a backup before you start and if you don’t understand don’t do anything.

If you need more help ask and if you are really stuck I’ll do it for you - just ask.

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Thank you very much…working on it. Progress report to follow. Thanks again.