Missing reminders, losing all reminders after restart

When I upgraded to version 9 I lost all open reminders.

Just noticed today (Dec 2) that 4 of my reminders from yesterday Dec 1 never showed up at all. A couple later in the day did. Not sure if there is a beginning of the month bug.

I shut down the client for a restart to see if this would fix the missing reminders. Instead, the 7 or 8 I left open are also now gone.

Are there new options with Version 9 that I need to know about?

Edit: I am using the Reminders window, with that option checked in Settings. Not the Windows notifications.

In 9.2 we automatically dismiss reminders from the past. You can disable it here:

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Can you describe in a bit more detail what constitutes ‘from the past’? Some of the reminders were just a couple hours old, while some were a day or a few days.

Also, the reminders that I described from Dec. 1 as having never showed up at all would have been contained within the range of open reminders that were displayed.