Missing Personal Folders

I am running EM client V8 and have now lost all my private folders that i kept important emails.

I have read that you need to run Import from Client 6 after upgrading. But i don’t know where the source files are kept on a mac.

Installing from a backup does not work either.

Please help…desperate.

eM Client version 6 was not available on the Mac, so that won’t work.

If you have eM Client version 6 installed on a PC, install the latest version of eM Client for Windows on that computer. You will automatically be prompted to import your old data. If not use Menu > File > Import > eM Client 6.

Once that is done, use Menu > Backup. This will create a zip file which you can copy to the Mac and restore using Menu > File > Restore.

The folders i am missing have been stored on my local drive. I can see the.dat files in the backup zip files of which I have many. They are stored in a separate directory in my documents folder. My backup disk crashed so cant do a recover. Every time I try to do a restore from a backup, it tells me the backup is incompatible with my current version. I am running it on a Mac, not Windows. I have so many important emails in those folders. My contacts are missing too. Anyadvice,thanks.

One thing you can try is to manually extract the zip file to a new folder on your computer.

Then in eM Client, go to Menu > Settings > General > Storage, first make a note of the current database location, and then select the new folder where you extracted the zip file as your database directory.

Restart eM Client.