Missing older e-mails.

I upgraded to the latest version of Em client and now all my messages older than 2 weeks or so are gone. I can’t find them locally but they are still on my webmail server. 

I had a similar problem but managed to restore my system to just before the eM Client update which wiped my emails - in Windows 10, I searched for ‘System restore’ in the search bar next to the Windows icon. This led to ‘Create a restore point’ and it was then just a case of following the onscreen instructions. The emails were restored and my panic was over! I won’t be attempting to update eM Client again, at least until I’m assured that this issue has been fixed.

Hello Kim,
was there any error during the upgrade?
Is your mail account setup as IMAP or are the missing messages from local folders?
Are there any error messages in Menu>Tools>Operations window?