Missing Notification Sounds

I am using eMClient version 9 and Windows 11 and no matter what I do I cannot get a notification sound when a new email arrives. I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what I am doing wrong.

There are a few possibilities here.

  1. You are using system notifications, so Windows Notification Centre is providing the sound but notifications are disabled there. You will need to check the Windows OS settings and see if that is so. Or you can untick this option and allow eM Client to handle the notifications and see if there is any difference.

  2. You are using eM Client and sounds are disabled while the application is in focus.

  3. You have disabled the sound option for new messages by clicking on the icon so it has a red X.

After making any changes, click on Save & Close.

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Hi Gary, Thank you for your prompt reply. I am pleased to inform you that your Item 1 cured my problem, I un-ticked the box so as not to use System Notifications. I did check in the Windows Notification settings and there is no mention of eMclient. But all is well now, thank you.

Number 1 fixed this for me as well. Thanks Gary!