Missing Google Aliases and Delegates in eM Client

I’m new to eM Client and like the full integration of Google Mail.
However I’m missing my Google Mail Aliases set up in my Google Mail Account, they won’t show up under aliases in my account in eM Client.

Here are my settings in Google Mail:

And in eM Client:

Am I missing an option?
Is it also possible to show delegated accesses to other Google Mail Accounts in eM Client such that I don’t have to add them explicitly using mail address and password?

Best Regards,

Hello Max,
the way Accounts in Gmail are connected is similar to how aliases work, but not exactly Aliases. That is why they cannot be loaded automatically.
If you have the Accounts connected as shown in the screenshot though you can just use the +Add Alias option.
You will not need a password for each, just manually add the addresses and choose a display name for that alias.


Hello Olivia,
thanks for your help.

What do I have to do such that the aliases automatically show up in eM Client? I’ve seen screenshot where they appear.
Additionally, is there any chance to show the delegated accesses in Google Mail too?

I tried already the option you proposed, but this works for any mail address I enter and I’m wondering if the mail is really send via the server of the corresponding mail address (as stored in the Google Mail settings)?

Thanks and Regards,

Any idea when the aliases pop up in the aliases window in eM Client? :slight_smile: