Missing Gmail calendar options

I was using TB as a email client but luckily I found out eM Client and I love it (and want to move to it).

However, there are some functionalities which are very important (to me and probably to many other users) since I use them heavily on my daily work. In this case, I’m referring to the Calendar integration.

Google calendar has several functionalities that are not (yet) covered on eM. I’ll state some:

When creating a event/meeting
– Invite/book and available room
– Specify what guest can do over the event (modify it, invite others, see guest list…)

When Viewing a event/meeting
– Join video call (hangout link)

In my case, these functionalities are a “must have” because I use them heavily on may daily work and without them (specially the video call link) its very difficult to manage things.

I understand that integrating calendars may be a painful job but I think its doable. In the particular case of Gmail calendar, TB simply opens a web tab and show the calendar directly from google (which it seems a good way to go but will only work while connected to the internet). Maybe something in the middle way would be the best approach …

This is my request/suggestion to help eM to grow and make more users want to use it.

Many thanks,

  • Miguel

Hi Miguel, thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately this is not currently possible in eM Client, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases.