Missing Folders

Over the past few weeks I have noitce that some of my folder I sotre emails in have you disapears. They havent been moved or deleted they have just disappeared.

Does anyonme have any ideas to why this is.

Is your email account an eg: (Imap email account) such as Gmail or Hotmail etc ? If it is, then login to your email via webmail using a browser to see if the folders are there.

If the folders are there via webmail in the browser but not in EMClient, then try running the EMClient database repair tool - http://www.emclient.com/tools/dbrepairrebuildall.exe to see if that fixes it.

If it doesn’t fix it (If its an Imap email account), then remove your email account from EMClient and Re-Add the email account. If the email folders are still not there, then remove the account and uninstall and reinstall EMClient with the latest latest version build - https://www.emclient.com/release-history . 

However if your email account is a eg: (Pop) account then you will need to have done a backup of EMClient to be able to restore your mail / folders. If you have recently done a backup, then open EMClient and click Menu / File / Restore and select your file to restore. The EMClient Backup files are usually (By default) found in Documents / EMClient.

Note:- If you restore a pop email account from your local harddisk, any new emails since the last backup won’t be there unless you do them every day.