Missing folders on the new computer

Hello, is there anyone who can help, please? I have two computers. First one uses eM Client and I downloaded eM Clinet to the second one. In the second computer, I cannot see the folders with emails I had created in the first computer. Is it possible to transfer the emails from the first computer to the second one? Speaking only about some folder, others, which I had not created, are there. Thank you so much!

To copy the emclient parameters & files from one computer to another one needs to use the Emclient backup feature.
Menu - File-  Backup .   Then copy the zip file to the new computer and restore it there Menu - File - Restore.
Note Restore does not restore tailored themes .  I would use the same version on the newer pc.

But be careful.  If you are creating another pc to read the same email server accounts   the format better be IMAP and not POP.   Also you will need another license either free or professional on the other pc to run emclient.

POP format  send the email to your client and then erases it from the server.  
Imap format send a COPY to your client and does not erase so more than one client can read write to the same email server account.

Here is the site that has all of the versions so you can migrate to another pc with the same version.  then update it when it is there.

Wow! Thank you EVER soooo much! I will try that. 

Space utilization info:
Pop sends the email to client then erases it.  So it is up to you to backup the pc files in case your pc dies.
Imap  only sends a copy and keeps it on the server. So if pc dies or get a new one just installing emclient the emails will still be on the server.

Imap does not delete unless you delete it on the emclient then it is deleted it on the server. So to manage space on email server I archive all email server’s folders to a local folder on emclient pc. every 6 months. I use the emclient archive feature.  Main Tools Settings Mail       auto archive.  It copies emails to pc emclient folder and then erases emails on server keeping your space on server to a reasonable size.  Imap is best for more than one pc or device to read your email.  I have several accounts and read them with phone and multi pc’s.      

It creates a special folder in emclient so the backup feature is needed and then back it up to a remote drive in case pc dies as now the archived email is no longer on the server but on your pc.  

What a perfect piece of information! :slight_smile: Thank you. Just a note: I backed it up just now but it did not show me where it was downloaded, strange. No pop up window or something…

LOok at
Menu Tools Backup     next screen shows you where it goes. It can be changed
I changed mine to MY standard folder I use for all software

Sorry     Menu   Tools   Settings  Backup

:slight_smile: Gonna try this… 

Wow! There it is! :slight_smile: And, the zip. file needs to be transfered to the new computer, then I open eM Client in the new computer and I open it but do I need to extract the files first or can I import the zip file? 

The restore process(in emclient)  will restore everything in the backup to the new pc.  Except the theme.
I have always restored all never tried to extract only part .  It will restore an exact copy of the original pc emclient if that is what you want.  Keep your license number handy