Missing folders in Inbox

Hi, I have found that a some of the sub folders in my Inbox are missing. I’m fairly sure they were visible when I originally setup eM Client though can’t be 100% sure.

I am using an outlook.com email address so IMAP account. Inbox has 9 sub folders and I can see all of these in Outlook Live webmail and MS Outlook 2007 on laptop as well as in both the Mail and Outlook apps on iPhone. In eM Client I only see 5 of these sub folders.

I have tried doing repair on the Inbox but had no effect.

Any suggestions please?

See if you have a More folder in eM Client, and the missing folders are in there. If they are, right-click on them and choose Show.

Otherwise, as it is an IMAP account, you can remove it from eM Client, and then add it again. See if that syncs all the folders.

I don’t see a More folder.
Just tried removing the account and adding it again but the folders are still not visible. Maybe I could re-create them by adding new folders and moving the emails from Outlook but don’t think that should be necessary to overcome a problem and would like to find out why they don’t show.

Just found that the 4 missing folders are listed in the “Contacts” tab!
Why would eM Client think they contain contact details rather than emails?

What version of eM Client are you using Chris?

Version is 7.2.36465.0

Can you upgrade to the latest version 7 release (https://www.emclient.com/dist/v7.2.40748/setup.msi) and see if there is any difference with where eM Client puts the folders. After upgrading, you will need to remove the account again, then re-add it.

After installing latest version 7 and adding my account again, the folders missing from Inbox still show up in Contacts. If I open up the business card view for one of these so-called contacts there are of course no contact details shown in the overview but on the details tab, the “Notes” section contains the text of my email.

Just realised as well that these same 4 folders which are missing from Inbox are showing as folders in Tasks and Calendar tabs as well as Contacts.

I’ve now carried out the MS Outlook scanost.exe which does a scan and repair of the Outlook data files. Then synchronised Outlook to server before launching eM Client and refreshing but it has the folders shown under Tasks, Calendar and Contacts which are missing from Inbox.
Any other ideas please?

Two ideas:

  1. Remove the Outlook.com account from eM Client, then add it again, but as an Exchange account. The folders should then appear correct. If not, you will need to contact Outlook.com support, as it may be an issue with their server.

  1. Or just install the latest version 8 beta from the Release History, then remove and re-add the Outlook.com account using the Automatic Setup - so as IMAP.
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Added Exchange account and and that did the trick. I don’t know know enough about the technical details of different account types and how they work to understand this but all seems to be good now.
Thanks for all the help.
Best regards