missing Features..

Here a list of features I would like to see:

  • add (searchable) Notes to Messages, like “Post-it Notes” on my desk…
  • customizable GUI (want a “mark unread”-Button, bigger Buttons, etc…)
  • Picture-FX: borders and shadows - no fancy stuff, just to make them easier to see as embedded images.
  • Autobackup: optionally export as EML-Files
  • free sorting of Folders - not just alphabetically
  • visual feedback in the Status-bar when user clicks on “send and receive”
  • Option to manually adjust Timeouts for slow Servers… or auto-adjust timeouts…
  • Plug-Ins for more customization
  • perhaps a “interpretation” of the Lotus Notes-Feature to indicate if a Message was sent only to me, to multiple people including me, me in CC: /BCC: etc…
    Notes uses a dot-Symbol for that: full dot, half dot, empty dot, no dot.
  • Rules: allow combination of move and set category in same rule
  • option to colorize the whole Line for selected messages in the Message-List 
  • add rules to change the Color of a message in the message-List.
    kind regards,

Hello Fritz,
thank you for sharing your ideas, our developers will consider them when they come looking for new feature ideas.
I can tell you that at least the GUI is getting a big change in version 7, compatibility with High DPI settings and customizable toolbars included.