Missing features for IMAP folders

As I’m coming from Thunderbird/Lightning I’m evaluating eM Client to switch a few client to this promising alternative. I already found two bugs and reported them here and in both cases the team is looking into it - great support, that helps a lot :slight_smile:

So let me describe some things we are missing on IMAP folders (that can be done with Thunderbird):

If I delete messages they are moved to the deleted objects folder. As I often delete unread messages, the deleted objects folder is marked as unread with the three dots (…). This can be annoying. So what is missing here is one of these solutions:

(a) Allow a filter “if any messages are moved to [imap folder] mark them as read”


(b) Select some IMAP folders not to be updatet, so updates should occur only on clicking on the folder / opening the folder.

Same for the junk folder, as we have a shared one which every user uses. So I do not want to see if there are any unread messages. Solution (a) would also fix this.

In Thunderbird the number of unread messages is updated for each folder on every sync, In eM Client I just get the three dots (…) for unread mail. The number is only updated when I open the IMAP folder, that is not that optimal :slight_smile:

Next one is a missing filter “if any messages a reveived in [imap folder] notify me with [sound / popup / …]”

And the last one is an option to sort IMAP folders in the folder tree view.

This can all be done with Thunderbird, the last two issues at least with addons. But we are using these features a lot … and miss them  a lot in eM Client.

Besides that and the two already reported bugs eM Client works very well, great job!!!


+1 for sortable folders including local folders that are placed at the end of all accounts.