Missing feature in task management


After testing eM-Client for a few months now, I have to say that I really like the software and will now be using it as a replacement for Outlook.

However, there is still a little something missing to make it a fully-fledged PIM for me. When it comes to task management, I’m a fan of Michael Linenberger’s methods. All tasks are divided into just four (or even just three) categories, which can be mapped very well with the categories. The second and very important thing is that you work with the start dates of the tasks, which also works very well with eM-Client, as you can sort according to two criteria.

What is (unfortunately) not possible, however, is to hide all tasks that are not yet “on”, i.e. to filter out all tasks whose start date is still in the future. However, this is essential so that you can concentrate on the tasks that are in focus on the day in question.
Or is there a way to do this and I was just too stupid to find it? If this is still missing: Dear developers, can you build it in for me? Then you really would be the greatest.

Kind regards from the island of Usedom to Bohemia

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One option is there, but it depends on how you use the task itself. Once you start a task, if you actually mark it as in progress, then you can filter on that.


Thanks for your quick reply, but no - sorry - that’s not the right thing to do. You’d have to manually touch each of the 500 (I’m exaggerating a little) tasks that lie dormant behind the horizon every morning.
It’s not about making the display on the desktop look pretty. You could do that, for example, with an additionally defined category that you simply close. It’s about having a system that supports me in my day-to-day work.
The tasks that are not yet on the agenda should disappear - from my head, from the back of my mind and also from my subconscious - so that I can concentrate better on what is currently on the agenda. However, this only works if you can be sure that you can rely on the system and that the task will be presented to me (again) on the defined start date.
Well, no offence. I still don’t regret having decided in favour of the purchase version.
Can we hope that something like this will be implemented in the future?

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Planning by start date allows one to focus. I have a large number of tasks in Outlook that will not appear until a future start date. That means I only see tasks with a start date, or in progress. It makes a significant difference when organizing work in support of clients. I support the comments from Borwin, planning by start date is mission critical. If you need more information on the idea of hiding the task until the start date, check out the work by Priority Management. Thousands of users have changed their Outlook to show everything by start date. That would change would game changer for me and help me close Outlook for good. Until eMClient gets that feature, I cannot use the task feature in eMClient.

Hi desk42b, many thanks fpr your support.
Greetings and Have a nice day.