Missing emails with Win 10 update.

I updated Win10 and it removed my email database. I can connect to my server but only can download all emails still on the server. How can I get back my older emails? Note that I don’t recall ever performing a backup of eM Client or a restore point on my computer.

For those who might have experienced what I did, I found the solution.  I went into Window’s Recovery section and restored the computer back to the older version of Windows 10.  Thank GOD it saved all my programs and data from before I did the update!!  Half day wasted, but I feel like a new man now!  Lesson learned - back-up individual program data as well as computer data, and create frequent restore points, especially when updating a major version of Windows.

If you don’t have a backup, you might still be able to recover your data if there is a folder named something like C:\Windows.old.

With eM Client closed, navigate to C:\Windows.old\Users_youroldusername_\AppData\Roaming\ and copy the eM Client folder to C:\Users_yourusername_\AppData\Roaming. You may have to enable hidden items in Windows Explorer to get there.

Restart eM Client with all the old data now back in place.