Missing emails on em client

I am not receiving all my emails, about half of them do not appear on em client

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Do you use POP3 or IMAP? If POP3, do you use a second email client to read your messages? If so, you have to select the option to leave the messages on the server to be able to read them in more than one email client.

I use pop3 homecall but this is with talktalk now they say to use imap but that impedes email to my tablet.
I get all my mail on my tablet but if I need to print something it sometimes does not arrive on my computer in em client.

It shouldn’t. The purpose of IMAP is to provide the same message view in all folders on more than one device. So if you send a message using your tablet, the message will also be there in the Sent folder in eM Client. If a new message arrives, it will be visible in both eM Client and on the tablet, and once you have read it on one of them, it will also be marked as read on the other.

If you have IMAP setup on both the tablet and in eM Client, if some messages are not showing in eM Client it could be because of a sync error, or database corruption. In that case, right-click on the folder where the message should be and choose Properties > Repair.

I have pop3 on my ipad, but to change to imap needs to reset the ipad and reset the mail which means losing what I in my mail boxes

Yes, if you have another device connected to the same email account and it is using POP3, those messages will probably not be available in eM Client. That is just the way POP3 works.

I can tell you how to keep your POP3 messages if transitioning from POP3 to IMAP in this application, but for other devices or applications you will need to refer to their forums for assistance.

Thanks Gary, I will probably live with it until I change one of my devices. Thank you for your input