Missing Emails/No Repair or Refresh option

I have recently moved some folders (by doing this within eMClient), and the folders have moved fine but the emails have not updated within the folders. I’ve done some research on the forum and tried to do a database repair - but cannot find DBrepair.exe in the latest versions. I have also tried to follow the instructions to right-click and go to Properties>Repair on a folder, as suggested, but doing this only gets me to “General” and “Quota”. I’m not too worried as I know that all of the emails are still safe in Gmail but it would be great to find a way of simply refreshing/repairing the folders and/or the database.

For Gmail or Gsuite accounts, right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair.

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Thanks Gary – this worked perfectly. I didn’t think to go down into the “More” folder (which is where Gmail lives).

Always appreciate the great work that you do on this forum.