Missing Email

Just started using eM a few days ago and tonight all my email is gone from the inbox. Sent and trash still have emails but the inbox is empty. HELP!!

What protocol are you using? IMAP or POP? Can you login to your mail account in a browser to see whether the messages are saved on the server or not? Thank you.

I am using IMAP. I did check my mail account in a browser and there are no old email available there, only ones I have not read. However, the windows email program on my old computer has all my old email. Is it possible that the emails are being downloaded to my old computer. How do I get them to download to eM on my new computer.

Yes, it is possible that you have downloaded your old messages to the old computer. There are two ways how to transfer your messages:

  1. Export your messages from the mail program on your old computer, copy them to an external disc and import to eM Client on your new computer.


  1. Create new folder on your server and copy all the old messages to the newly created folder. After the uploading is finished, it should automatically synchronize in eM Client.