Missing Email Messages (yesterday, three days ago, two or more weeks ago)

I love em Client, it’s been a great addition to my mac, but recently I’m having problems. 

Last week I started to notice that messages older than two weeks or so no longer showed up in my inbox. 

Then this morning, I had no inbox messages at all! (most sent messages were there from what I can tell, as well as messages that I applied rules to to sort into another folder). 

I looked through the community and tried several troubleshooting steps and eventually remedied the problem (or so I thought), but now I can’t see any messages older than one week, and even then not all my messages are there (I have several messages from yesterday that aren’t showing up). 

It seems that this problem started when I started getting the notice yesterday that the trial was ending and I needed to activate a free license (which I did this morning). 

Pleas help!

Could just be a coincidence about the license situation. 

It could be a message cache corruption. You did not say who your email provider is, but what you can try anyway is to right-click on the Inbox and choose Properties > Repair. This will delete the cache and resync with the server. If you are using Gmail, you need to right-click on the All Mail folder instead.