Missing email bodies on 8/17 emails on the 10th Sep 2020

strong textThis is the third post on the same topic in the last day or so - emClient you have a serious problem emerging. Deal with it urgently.strong text

See also the posts from other users “8/9/2020 Cannot access content of emails”, “9/9/2020 Missing email body”, and on the 9/9/2020 “Missing old email”

In our case, on the second (non default) email account, 6 out of 8 emails in the Inbox folder and 2 out of 9 emails in the Trash folder have lost their message body - all were consecutively received on the 10th Sept 2020 between 11:32am and 14:06pm. All emails earlier or later than that all have their message bodies.

Did you push out an update at that time? What if the PC was calling for a reboot that had not yet been done? Is there a emClient Log?

The other 9 emails on that account on the 10th Sept 2020 are okay, as are all 19 emails on the default account. All emails on the prior day on both email accounts also appear to be okay.

We are relatively new emClient (POP3) users and are on the latest version, 8.0.3385. We love the program (after Outlook 2013), but we can not afford to have this issue continue for long. Fortunately for us, the emails that are missing their content are also downloaded to our iPad intact and of course are also available to us on Webmail.

Is their a program to rebuild the database? If so, URL please.

We also need confirmation that something has been done about this with a patch.

I have the same problem today, all my message bodies are missing but I can’t find the other posters you refer to. Have you got anywhere with this please donpin? Thanks.

Hi Dottie
No progress and no response from eMClient.

I thought things had settled down, but only yesterday, I noticed that an email header dated 1/10 had lost its message body and today, on checking the inbox, I see that there is another one dated 5/10. These of course are out of the few that I retain in the inbox for longer than a day or so. I have no idea how many among the thousands that are filed for posterity have now lost their contents.

In our case, our facts are Win10, POP3 and the lost emails are always consecutive in their folder, it has never stripped the entire emails in a folder. The entire message is always downloaded successfully - the message body is only dropped sometime later. I have no idea if the message body still exists on the database and the program has just had the link to it corrupted, but I suspect that the problem is affecting every POP3 user, but most do not yet realize it because they have yet to look back among their thousands of stored emails.

I suspect that it is a database flaw beyond eMClient’s control and probably means that their only real solution is to change to another database engine or issue a database rebuild routine.

I also suspect that the database loses its marbles when Win10 has to be rebooted, either because of an update or because it has frozen.

Come on eMClient, we need an urgent response before we are forced to depart.

Hi donpin, Thanks for your message, that’s very kind of you to explain but I’m afaid a lot of it is beyond my comprehension! I notice another poster has received a response from eM Client about disappearing messages but it’s about downgrading to version 7 from 8 which seems rather alarming. I’m only using the free version perhaps that why no response? Strangely, emails recived after the 10th have their messages visible. I’m going to have to change I think but not too confident in doing this myself. What a total pain in the a**e it all is. Kind regards Dottie