missing data - Categories

Hi i using categories, but suddenly it disappear, no database coruptet or any other problems, it just disappear. I have no database copy its any other solution to bring it back 

other question  is possibile to synchronize categories between 2 PC’s in real time ? (on same mail acc)  

I have used EM Client for over a Year.  I will repeat this suggestion in other topics to help others avoid error problems as well.

Uninstall any Registry Optimizers/Cleaners that are standalone or included in other programs. Registry Optimizers/Cleaners can and do break programs by altering or removing necessary Keys and Values, destroying the proper functioning of many third party programs i.e. Browsers, email clients, VoIP, etc.

If you are using CCleaner then stick with the Cleaner feature but leave the Registry cleaner alone.

I not using any Cleaners , Optimizers etc.  it just gone, without any “interference” from other programs