Missing content

Email content from just one person (Sister) is not showing. Emclient version: 8.2.1237 (b402cf3).

I have checked Blocked and Rules and there are NO specific Domain or content references that may be suspect.

Any ideas?

Can you see it when you visit your host web mail?

thank you for asking. Yes, I tried that; and no.

I realize it is unlikely my emclient. But looking for ideas of what the Sister might be doing on her end. She has an Apple MacBook. I am just not sure who has the problem.

I am assuming you are using IMAP and not POP3? If so the email should be on your host web mail site. If not, then one should begin their search there. Perhaps your host performed some action on the incoming email based on their SPAM criteria?

Yes, IMAP. Well, I use gmail. So, my focus should be on the web mail host only?

I think where @sunriseal is going with this is that the Gmail server is the message store. If the message is not viewable on the server, so what you see in the web interface, then it most likely will not be any different in eM Client.

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Yes thank you, I understand. So, emClinet has no impact on what I am seeing in the gmail host server. Therefore, it must be either the gmail web host setup or my sisters side which may not be sending the content. If there is anything I should check on the gmail web server beside the “blocke and filtered” settings, which I verified has nothing related to her, please let me know if anyone has any ideas on what to check or have her check on the MAC Book she has been using. Thanks for the help so far!

I think if you login to your Gmail webmail interface, and the message looks just fine, then there is some issue with eM Client.

Agree, but the gmail host web server also does not show the content. I am not filtering or blocking her messages by the gmail settings. I am wondering if there is another setting then on the gmail web host that I should check. or just point the finger at her MacBook settings which may prevent her from sending the content. Just to clarify, both the Gmail web host and my emClient show that I received an email from her but there is no content on either.

Was it text or picture? is she using encryption or not??

just text. dont know about the encryption. would emClient ask me for a password if she uses encryption? or how does that work?

Trying to gather all the info to understand the setup… and eventually leading to your understanding.

I only wish there was a template presented to poster of a NEW post that will encourage the poster to supply a minimum amount of information about the problem/question.

yes, I see your point! Is there some info you still need from me?

Are you using a DARK BLACK theme to view her email? Perhaps that is causing the problem and a change to default theme will help?

The page is all white. wouldn’t I also not see other email content if i had a setting like that? Not sure why hers would be the only one. really strange.

I use thee DARK Theme and have run into emails that do NOT display character in white on the black background. Not a regular occurrence but it does happen and only with an individual email, all others worked correctly.

Can also happen if she use dark theme using white font and reading it on a white background the text there but it looks like a blank page due to the text color being white.
That’s the reason why I dont use the theme color for my Reading/Writing panel background.

When reading the email, using your mouse, highlight the body and it will expose the text… if there is any

Or you can also change the view of the message to plain text. (right-click in the message body and choose Format > Plain Text) That will disregard the text colour and background if specified and show it black on white (or white on black in Dark Mode).