Missing common dictionary words

How do I add a common word to the dictionary? The word (and a few others) such as “don’t” do not appear in the dictionary as a suggestion. So, when I type “dont”, without the apostrophe…it says it is misspelled, but it does not give the option to change it to the correct spelling. But, if I add it to the dictionary, then it will add the incorrect spelling.

Thanks, Ed

I actually don’t have this problem. (I’m using a clean em Client 5 installation with Australian OS regional settings.)

to Neon: What version of eM Client are you using?

i cant find the custom dictionary location to delete a accidentally added word.

on another note how can i fix the small issue of the program changing i to a capital without having to do it whilst typing. Like WORD and outlook do. Otherwise love the program.

Using version 5.0.17263.0. Does not appear that any words that contain apostrophes (can’t, don’t, won’t, etc.) spell check correctly. “Cant” and “wont” do not suggest that the word is incorrect. But, the word “dont” says it is incorrect, but offers no suggestions.

Dictionaries are saved here: C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\Dictionaries
Option allowing changing first letter of sentences to capital is here: Tools - Settings - Mail - Compose

Cant and wont are normal words. As regards the other words with apostrophes - we will take a look on it.


What is the purpose of the dictionaries (C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\Dictionaries)? I just opened up the file and the words don’t, can’t, won’t are in the file. But If I type dont (for example) which is not in the file, it does not suggest the word don’t.

Shouldn’t everything that is not in that file be misspelled? Also, what is the meaning of the /M, /MS, /GDM, etc. that is on the end of some of the words?

Thanks, Ed

QUESTION: Is the CUSTOM DICTIONARY mixed on each of those files (C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\Dictionaries), or does each language have a separated file? I want to check (and delete) some of the words I’ve added myself, but it’s hard to find’m among that ton of words…

I appreciate any help, thanx!

Juan Andres

The custom dictionaries are stored in the database folder located in C:\Document and Settings[YourUsername]\Application Data\eM Client (WinXP) or C:\Users[YourUsername]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client (Win Vista and newer). There are separate files with the “custdic” extension for each language.

I have located the dictionary (en-GB.dic) and opened it in notepad. I want to amend a word - in this example “simon” which in the dictionary has a lower case “s”. I want to change this to Simon so that when I spell it incorrectly the spell checker flags it up. However, after amending the word and trying to save the file I get access denied. Is there a way of amending the dictionary please? Interestingly, the word “simon” does not appear in the OED as a valid word. Furthermore, the word is flagged up in the spell check associated with this reply as being misspelt.

When composing an e-mail, you can right-click on a word which the dictionary doesn’t know and then select ‘add to dictionary’.

Thanks Hans - actually that does not answer the question. I know that I can add a word - what I want to do is to amend an existing word that is spelled incorrectly as I outlined above. As I pointed out, I can open the dictionary, amend the word, but I cannot save the amended dictionary because “access is denied”. Is there a way of amending an incorrectly spelled word?



Hi, right click on highlighted “wrong word” and adding it to dictionary is nto best solution for you?

Anyway you can find downloaded dictionaries in C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\Dictionaries there you can manually edit words and then save and overwrite it.


Hi Jan,

What I am trying to do is to amend an incorrectly spelt word that is already in the dictionary. I know how to add a word - that is clear from the drop down list.

As I said in my earlier response, “I can open the dictionary, amend the word, but I cannot save the amended dictionary because “access is denied”. Is there a way of amending an incorrectly spelled word?” How do I overcome the “access denied” when trying to save the file?

As you’ve said above “…there you can manually edit words and then save and overwrite it”, but not if access is denied!

Regards Alan

That is the problem, for me it is not - and I am not using any tools, just standard Windows 8 installation with notepad.

Are you running on account without administrator right? Or could you make screenshot of that error message and post it here?



Thanks for your patience - I have been using the program as a “user” which when I checked the properties of the dictionary file gave me only read rights to the dictionary. I have now changed that to give me full permission with full admin rights and I can now amend the dictionary and SAVE IT - yippee!

This has been another of my “Doh” moments!

regards Alan

This happens a lot :slight_smile: I am happy that I was able to point you to the right solution and that you can use eM Client without problem now.