Missing Calendar Entries in Google Calendar

After adding a series of entries to my emClient calendar on my PC (specifically by importing an ICS file), I noticed that these same entries were NOT sync’d back to my Google calendar even though they did show up in my emClient calendar.  Typically, when I add calendar entries via the interface one at a time, they are sync’d without issue to my Google calendar.

BTW, I am using Version 7.2.36465.0

Hello Jim,

By any chance wasn’t it caused by the delay in the synchronization process between eM Client and the Google Calendar server? Did the calendar entries appear on GCal later on?


I’m having the same problem, Manually created calendar entries sync with Google fine but any imported through.ics file update eM calendar only. Jim, was your issue ever resolved?

I am wondering if the imported ics events aren’t saved in a Local Folder calendar rather than the Google Calendar.

If you open one of these events that won’t sync, what folder is it indicated as being saved in?

BTW, the version that Jim was using, 7.2.36465, was a little unstable.

Gary, thanks for responding. The events have definitely been added to the Google Calendar and not the Local Folder. I am using v7.2.36908.0