Missing button?

I can’t remember if this was in V4 as well as V5 but will post here anyway.

When you create new email there is no button alongside the ‘To:’ field.
However if I click on the ‘To:’ it will bring up the address book.

Hi mods etc
This post should be in V5 Beta only

The themes I have a problem with are ‘System’ & ‘Pink’

The button is not missing - we just changed the layout so it is intended behaviour.

Thanks George
I thought that it might be my old problem - I am color blind
So there are going to be some themes I cannot use.
With Classic & Modern I do see the box on ‘mouse over’
With System & Pink I do not.

I’ve come back again on this type of issue.

Microsoft made a huge mistake with Windows Live Mail on initial release.
Those pastel colors that WLM came with were unusable by many, many people, especially those who are color blind.
Please don’t make the same mistake with eM Client.

Off topic, though I’m not colour blind, I do think the new theme are - what are they thinking? The whole Window8 ModernUI is just stupid.

Being color blind can be weird.
If I click in ‘free space’ on eM Client toolbar at the top (to the right of ‘Help’) & a dialogue box pops up I will think it is a bug.
Same with clicking to the right of the ‘To:’ in the new mail screen.