Missing account

I started with the demo version, imported everything from Windows live mail (3 accounts), - only 2 accounts showed up, so I thought I used the free licensed version and deleted one account, - now only one showed up (I received mail from all 3 in the local inbox).  Then I got a free licens hoping both accounts would show up, - but still only one showed up.

Any way that i can get the other account in without starting over again?

You can add your missing account by going to Menu > Tools > Accounts and clicking on the + icon.

The account is there,  and mail is received.  It does not show up except in the local inbox, - I miss a separate folder for the account

If you remove the account from eM Client, then add it again, you will get separate folders for it.

Thanks, - of course it works, - I just hoped there was en easier solution, although it turned out to be quite easy.