Misrepresented email size

If I forward an email with an attachment of 11 MB it shows as 31 MB in the sent folder and EMC says it is rejected by my provider as too big over 25 MB. EMC shows a warning triangle beside the account. Saying that the message repeatedly tried to upload despite the fact that the recipient received the message with 11 MB attachment. There is no message in my outbox. I click to ignore the warning but it keeps coming back after it try’s to send something. What is it trying to send as there is nothing in the outbox?? It also shows a second warning triangle beside the refresh button. Can I go back to version 7 without loosing everything? I have had repeated problems since installing version 8 currently at V 8.0.2703. Thanks Roger.

Hello Roger9,

eM Client Windows? Why not upgrade to version 8.0.2751.0 ( https://de.emclient.com/release-history?lang=en ).

I can’t reproduce this (with .jpg and .zip in attachments) in version 8.0.2751.0.

Version 8 uses a new database format, not compatible with version 7. It only helps to restore the last backup from version 7 in version 7.