Misleading Contacts in Address Book

When I enter the first letters of an email address into the “to” field a pop up appears and shows the found results. Sometimes two results look the same in the list, but aren’t! Here is an example where the first result found expands different from the second result. I cannot find the two contacts in my address book and the behavior of the emClient is misleading.

duplicate entries

Suggestions are offered from both the Contacts and from the Recipients History.

Go to Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose > Recipients History, where you can manage the list of collected addresses. Delete any incorrect addresses, then try the new message again.

But it’s a bug!

The popup shows two different entries as identical ones.

If you had previously sent a message to this address, it will have been recorded in the Recipients History.

If you don’t want to have the Recipients History offer suggestion from those you have previously sent messages to, just disable the option in the settings. Or, if the address is incorrect in the Recipients History because you previously sent a message using an incorrect address, just delete it.

It would be useful, if

  • the entries were shown correctly

  • the wrong entries could be deleted in the drop down list

The entries are shown correctly. If you sent a message to that address (regardless of whether the server later rejected it because you typed it incorrectly, or delivered it because it was correct) it will be added to the recipient list.

You can delete the Recipient History entries directly from the dropdown suggestions as well.

Just click the X on the right of the address when it is suggested.

They aren’t shown correctly in the drop down list, because their names differ.

The drop-down list offers recommendations from your Contacts and the Recipient History.

If you don’t want them to appear there as suggestions, or they are incorrect, either delete them from the Recipients History or edit the Contacts and modify them there.