mishandling of incoming emails

eM Client to me is a very disturbing mail handler. 

  1. It is obviously a simple server peeper and does not store mails locally unless I manuall copy them to a local folder
  2. it deletes(!) mails on my server when I shift mails to a local folder
  3. the rules apply now and then., sometimes they do, somtimes they don’t. Mostly they only work when manually run.

A mail program with limited features is one thing. A mail program with unpredictable behaviour another.
No option for me but to remove this from my pc before it does more damage to my mails.


Hello Manfred,

Please see my comments to your issues:

  1. This depends on whether you use IMAP or POP3 for your mail account. You can set IMAP account to store emails locally in Menu > Tools > Accounts > IMAP > download for offline use.
  2. Of course it does - that’s the nature of IMAP protocol to reflect all the changes you make in the mail client. You can copy the email to the local folder to keep it on the server at the same time.
  3. If the rules are set correctly and if they don’t interupt each other then they will work correctly. Please add more details on how the misbehaving rule/s are set so I can help you with this issue.